The Most Advanced X-Ray Technology Available

Our offices are uniquely committed to reducing your wait time, decreasing exposure, and offering the most convenient X-ray services in our region.

Oregon Advanced Imaging is excited to introduce the newest addition to OAI services: the new state-of-the art Konica Minolta Wireless Digital Radiography system is the most advanced X-ray technology available. You will no longer wait long periods of time for the technologist to return after processing your X-rays. This system delivers high image quality in a fraction of the time of the older technologies, and a decrease in X-ray exposure compared to non-digital imaging. It also eliminates wait time and produces no waste or consumables.

Stop by during regular business hours for your X-ray. No appointment is needed, only your physician’s order. Our receptionists will make sure your X-ray is taken as soon as possible.

X-Ray Images

Below are some examples of X-Ray images: